Amazing sales modules
Designed to impress.

Vendor Assistant comes with a large number of modules. Not only are they designed to be perfect and light, they are also easy to use and blend well with each other.

The central module of your assistant

The central module is the administrative tool. From there you can have absolute control of the application. You decide who will access the app and what plans can be quoted or sold.

Let your customers make quotes

Clients decide

Show a great variety of individual and family plans. Let your clients choose the one that better fits their necessities.

Easy to use

Through searches and filters the client can compare plans, contact you by email, coordinate an appointment or leave a message.

Launch in your website

Integrate it into your website, change the colors, place your logo, customize it to your liking. You don't have a web page? No problem, we can create it for you.

Working will be a pleasure

Vendor Assistant will be with you everywhere

No matter how far you are from the office or if you do not have the documents at hand, you can count on your assistance.

Simultaneous access

You and your work team can access simultaneously. Make contributions all at the same time.


The moment you use Vendor Assistant, you know that you have never felt something like this. With its use, this powerful assistant allows you to do more than ever.


Do you need help setting up the app or do you have general questions about the system? Give us a call or send us an email!


Free yourself from folders and documents, keep your quotes and forms in the palm of your hand.

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